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Pilatus Mountain

Lucerne, Switzerland

Emblem of central Switzerland and a home mountain to the town of Lucerne – that’s Pilatus. From the top you will enjoy the stunning scenery and view of Alpine peaks and beautiful Lake Lucerne.

From a geological aspect, Mount Pilatus is the northernmost branch of the Alps. The geological edge of the Alps stretches right through Lake Lucerne. Along this border run the sedimentary layers which traverse the whole of Switzerland and, with the lakes in the Alpine foothills, create some of Switzerland's most stunning scenery.

Pilatus is one of the most legendary places in Central Switzerland and one of the most beautiful. A few local legends about the origin of the name exist, one claim that a dragon rock supposedly fell from the sky in the year 1420. Another is that the mountain looks like the belly of a large man, Pilate, lying on his back and was thus named for him.

The mountain massif of Pilatus, which towers above the region with its 2,132 meters in height, indubitably captures the imagination. Even today Pilatus is a source of mystical discoveries and is home to places of natural beauty that are steeped in legend and lore.

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